Current Workshops Available:

If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area, please contact Debbie McGillivray at or 704-628-0222  to discuss available dates.


Introduction to Animal Communication – Understanding and experiencing the connection – hands on workshop.  This class takes you through the steps involved in preparing for a “telepathic” connection with an animal.  Various exercises and meditations have been developed to help you tap into your natural telepathic ability. This workshop allows you to communicate with specific animal teachers via pictures, each other’s animals via pictures, as well as with any live animals on the property.  This workshop will also take you on a meditative journey to connect with your “power animal”.  We will discuss the meaning behind its significance during this process. We learn how to scan the body for pain and how to address common behavioral issues. You will leave feeling a deeper connection with you own animals, as well as the animal kingdom and beyond! 

Advanced Animal Communication: Enhancing the Connection – deepening your skills, physical/spiritual/emotional awareness - Hands on workshop. This class will help you to strengthen what you learned in the intro class.  We will go into more detail on how to scan the body for pain, ask an animal more detailed questions, and how to connect with our animals in spirit. We will be communicating with your own animals throughout this class via pictures.  We will also discuss natural healing choices as well as how to counsel an animal through difficult emotional, behavioral and physical challenges. Prerequisite - any Introductory Animal Communication Class.


Communicating with Wild Animals:  -This class will take place at a local animal sanctuary. The first half of the day will be spent learning the process of interspecies telepathic communication, and the second half of the class will be spent communicating with various animals within the sanctuary.   This class will open you up to the heart and soul of the animal kingdom and will give you an up close and personal experience with some of the world’s most magnificent creatures.   *A portion of the proceeds from this class will be donated back to the sanctuary.


Energy Healing and Telepathy – helping animals to heal naturally. 

This workshop will discuss the chakra system in animals, how to scan a body for pain, as well as how to help an animal heal naturally through energy healing, emotional release , past life release and natural modalities.


Live Gallery Readings - 2 Hours - In a large or intimate group setting, Debbie will work with your animals both alive and in spirit via pictures. Debbie will start the event with a Q & A, and then jump into readings with your animal friends in a group setting.   This event is both fun and enlightening.    Contact us for more information.  


If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact Debbie McGillivray at or 704-628-0222  to discuss available dates.





There are many benefits to hosting a workshop besides the obvious…

  • Allowing your animals to have an active role in the workshop communication exercises.

  • Surrounding yourself with people in your area that have similar interests and desires which will come in handy should you wish to set up a practice group to further develop this ability. 

  • Comfort of being in a familiar location.

  • No travel costs.

  • Earn 20% from each paying participant that attends…. or that amount will be donated to a local animal charity of your choosing.




  • Host is responsible for organizing lunch/refreshments (pot luck is usually a good idea or have participant bring a bagged lunch)

  • Collecting full payment from all participants

  • Marketing the event locally

  • Depending on where the workshop is located, a minimum of 10 registered participants required, and full payment from at least 10 participants 4 weeks in advance so that facilitator can book travel and accommodations efficiently.