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These are a few products and/or companies that I have used or were recommended through clients feedback.  

The items listed below are supplements that I give my animals.  I like the Dr. Mercola probiotics for cats and dogs, the salmon oil, Lysine chews for my cats immune health, and the Dr. Havery's line of supplements are wonderful. 

I used Dr. Harvey's raw vibrance blend for my dog with kidney disease.  She did very well on this for a year and a half before the kidney disease progressed more.   I cooked the protein for her and added it to this.  Some people add raw.   I do raw food for my other dog now.   

The following items are food choices for your dog.  I have used both the Dr. Harveys base blend Raw Vibrance and added my own protein.  I also use the frozen raw food on my dogs.  There are many choices out there, look for high quality, sustainably sourced, ease of use (packaging) and bulk discounts.

This is definitely a Splurge however, it was the best investment I have made.   I was cleaning multiple  litter boxes daily with 3 indoor cats.  NO more!!  I just have this one robot, and empty the drawer every other day.   I love it, and my cats love it.  I have a blind kitty that took to using this right away.  And the dogs no longer eat the cat poop out of the box, because it cleans the box after each use.   Their customer service is great too!! Highly recommend this product.   

Full Disclosure:  Some of these items are linked to an Amazon Affiliate site but are items I like and use.
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