Animal Communication Home Study Courses 
**(Back to school Special now through September 30th - $300 for both programs.....Originally $500 )

Level One (6 workbooks)
Homestudy Class with *Email Support".  
Class includes: monthly workbooks and audios,  meditations, communication exercises and suggested reading material. 
Animal Communication – Intensive home study course covering all aspects of animal communication.  
Level One
This program is a combination of 6 lesson plans, at home exercises and suggested reading material.   We will communicate via email to validate exercises and answer questions. This is a rare opportunity to have personal email  tutoring specific to animal communication and psychic development.  The prerequisite for this course is: a  true desire to learn, belief that it is possible, and the book Untamed Voices for starters. 
Original Cost - $300
It is recommended that you set up at least one live call tutor session midway through the homestudy.  Rates will be the same as for consultations:
Level Two
Deepening the connection/healing work/case studies
Original Cost: $200​ 
This program is a combination of 4 monthly home study booklets, at home exercises and suggested reading material.  Classes are on going and can be arranged to fit any schedule.  Prerequisite: Level One Home Study or any animal communication course, the book:  Animal Communication Boot Camp and  Untamed Voices.  It is also recommended that you schedule at least one live tutor call midway through this homesudy program.

Give yourself the gift of Animal Communication and experience a journey of enlightenment!

Lesson Plans for each level listed below
Level One

Lesson One (Month One) 
Different ways of receiving information from the animals
Being present in the moment
Beginning meditation
How to ground your energy
Understanding the energy and essence in all things
Connecting with nature
At home exercises
Recommended reading

Lesson Two (Month Two)

Review of Month One information
Sending and receiving information clearly
Setting an intention
Basic steps to help you to prepare for a telepathic connection
Finding your power animal- understanding it’s meaning and how to honor him/her
Opening your inner eye (psychic exercises)
Listening without projecting
Receiving the essence of an animal
Working with your animal teacher
Working with your own animal(s)
At home exercises
Recommended reading

Lesson Three (Month Three)
Review of past information
Tips to help you connect easier
Connecting with animals in person
Connecting with animals long distance – 
Actual two way conversation/connection with your animal teacher
Helping you to overcome your personal blocks
Messages from your guide(s) to help your grow
Handling common behavior issues
At home exercises with animal teachers

Lesson Four (Month Four)
Review of past information
Scanning an animals body for pain
Understanding an animals energy field
Understanding symbols and colors when scanning
Counseling an animal
Helping an animal heal physically, emotionally and spiritually
Telepathy blockers
At home exercises with animal teachers

Lesson Five 
Review of past information
Animals in spirit
Connecting with animals in spirit
Healing from the loss of an animal friend
Helping an animal to pass
Knowing when it is time
How animals view death
Where animals go when they pass
Who they are with
Will animals come back
Lost animals
How to help find a lost animal
Questions to ask
In body exercise
Different techniques used
Lesson Six
Understanding the purpose of each animal in your life past and present
Honoring and recording your love and lessons from your animal friends and teachers
Understanding your animals soul purposes and reason for being in your life
Your soul song – or purpose
Keeping a journal
Final course review
At home exercise & possible preparation for Level 2

Level Two

Lesson plans for months One - Three:
In depth communication with animals
Deepening your skills
Problem Solving
Different ways of Connecting with an animal – exercises for each technique
Expanding your awareness
Helping an animal to heal – physically, emotionally and spiritually
The animal’s energy field/aura
• •Empathetic Counseling
• •Flower essences
Alternative Medicine
• Case studies
••Connecting with wild animals
Connecting with wild animals in captivity
Creating a sacred space
Protecting yourself
At home exercises
Finding your unique method
• •Building a business  - necessary tools of the trade
Marketing/advertising – what works
Website and important trade publications
• •Giving back

Search your heart and soul for confirmation as to whether this home study course is right for you.  It is an intensive course that will surely change your life and awaken you to the miracles of life and the love of our animal brothers and sisters.

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Homestudy Program $300