Animals communicate regularly through telepathy.  It is the most basic form of communication, an ability we are all born with.  As humans, we learn to rely on verbal communication and our telepathic skills are pushed aside and become rusty.  Like a muscle, unless used regularly, these skills become weak and inefficient.  Humans, given the proper mindset and training, have the ability to communicate telepathically with all species.
Communicating with an animal is a two way process, there is a sender and a receiver.  Now here is the amazing part....telepathy can be done in person or over distance!  A great example of this is when you are thinking of someone and the phone rings, low and behold it is the very person you were just thinking about.  Coincidence or Telepathy!!  We have all had telepathic experiences, we just don't recognize them as such.
When I ask an animal a question, I receive from them pictures, feelings, words, thoughts and emotions.  For example, if I were to ask a horse what part of his body was sore I may feel pain in an area of my body that corresponds to his, i.e. wrists - fetlock, knees - hocks, hands/feet - hooves, etc.  The horse may also send me a picture of the area or send me a picture of him moving to show me the lame area.  Sometimes the animal will even show or tell me how the injury happened.  I act as the translator and the voice for the animal and take all this information and put it into words for the person to understand.

I work with all animals, and treat each one with respect and compassion.  I do most of my consultations via telephone versus in person so that I am not distracted by the physical characteristics of the animal.  The information I am receiving is pure and not tainted by outside influences and distractions.
Some animals are natural comedians and some prefer to remain stoic at all costs.  Each animal is an individual with their own personality, agenda and purpose.  Some animals even have advice for their humans.  

It is my job as an animal communicator to treat each being as a respected individual and to relay those messages that they wish to get across to their people as accurately as possible enabling both parties to become enlightened in the process.
People can use an animal communicator for all different reasons such as:
* To get to know their animals likes and dislikes.
* To find out the reason behind undesirable behavior.
* To inquire about how their body feels, where they are sore.  This can be used to assist your veterinarian. (Animal Communicators are never a replacement for good Veterinary care).
To find out what their life purpose is.
* To find out if they have a message for you.
* To find out if they like their food, saddle, blanket, barn, kennel, sitter, trainer, showing...etc.
* To find out if the horse/dog you want to buy enjoys the type of riding/competing/lifestyle you need.
* To find out if your animal is ready or needs help passing on.
* To speak to your animal that has passed on.


If you communicate with my animal long distance, how do you know for sure it is my animal you are talking with?
This is a great question.  I always ask the owner to give me the animals name, age, sex, color and breed.  A picture will usually develop in my head and I will usually feel the animal's personality and energy.  Just by speaking with the owner, a direct telepathic connection can be made to that exact animal.  On rare occasions, another animal in the household, may come through and want to be heard.  Animals are usually very eager and look forward to "connecting" telepathically during a consultation.

Do you communicate with animals who have passed over?
Yes, I communicate with our animals friends in spirit much the same way as I communicate with live animals.  Communicating with animals is spirit is a common request from people and can be quite healing on all levels.

What advice do you have for people to communicate better with their own animals?
We all have this ability, it is just a matter of uncovering it and using it daily - practice, practice, practice.
There are a few things you can do to enhance your relationship with your animal companions.  * Visualize what you want your animal to do, not what you don't want them to do.  For example if you are riding your horse towards a jump and thinking "I know he is going to refuse", you in turn are picturing this and your horse is reading those pictures....and guess what, you end up dusting the dirt off your behind, and your horse is thinking, but that's what you wanted me to do.  Alot of times your mental pictures overide physical and even verbal commands.  
* Another thing that is usefull when trying to get an animal to do something they are not in total cooperation with is to offer them options......if you come in when I call you, I can let you outside, if you do not come when I call you I will have to keep you indoors.....(also explain to the animal the reasons behind this compromise) i.e. there are alot of wild animals that come out at night and I am worried you will get hurt, so I need you to come in when called.  When presented this way, you are not commanding an animal to do something, you are enlisting their cooperation, and making the decision and outcome, their choice.  It should be mentioned, that sometimes, animals may have to be reminded of their "agreement" if they fall back into bad habits.

Will my animal give away any personal secrets?
Don't worry, animals are innocent and loyal.  They will not offer up any information that would make you uncomfortable, or that they feel is private.  I stick to the questions that the owners give me and abide by a strict code of ethics developed by Penelope Smith, a pioneer in the field of Animal Communication.  

What are the most intelligent animals you have spoken with?
I view each animal that I am privileged to speak with as an individual.  They are all spiritual beings who inhabit different physical forms. One is not better than the other, just different. Intelligence can not be judged by our "definition" of intelligence, because that only relates to human standards.  Some animals "communicate telepathically" clearer or more indepth than others, but that again is an individual trait.

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