Animals have so much to teach us, all we need to do is listen.

*Animal Communication consultations 
*Reconnective Healing Sessions for Animals
*Animal Communication Workshops Available and Homestudy Programs

Author of the book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pet Psychic Communication"
and "Untamed Voices" and the soon to be released "Animal Communication Boot Camp"
All Consultations are conducted with compassion and respect to cultivate healing, harmony and growth.  My goal as an animal communicator is to bridge the gap between human/animal understanding and awareness.
Welcome to my homepage and the wonderful world of Animal Communication.  I hope you will enjoy your stay and will leave here understanding a little bit more about the "mystery" of communicating telepathically with animals.
Animals are truly amazing beings...
they live, laugh, play...
think, feel, weep...
grieve, worry, want...
and above all else...LOVE.

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Learn How To Communicate with the Animals
Workshops and Home Study Programs Available.  
Prepare to be amazed!  We all have this ability... once you start to open the doors of your heart, you will see the world and all beings in a new light.
Debbie McGillivray
Animal Communicator and Author

Debbie McGillivray
Animal Communicator and Author
or Skype ID: debbie.mcgillivray